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Time line                                                                       

  •  Not later than May 5, 2008 (application list closed)
  •  Invitation to participate by the selection committee: Friday, May 9, 2008 (new date)
  •  Committal acceptance by participants: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 (new date)
  •  Access to the restricted participants-only website after attendance confirmation
  •  Workshop at University of Texas at Dallas: June 16-20, 2008

We reserve the right to invite outstanding applicants to participate in the workshop prior to the official deadline of May 5, 2008.

Target audience                                                              

This intensive weeklong training workshop is open to 25 participants from varied academic and research backgrounds. Applicants of this workshop will include junior scholars (seniors graduate students,  post-doctoral fellows), and emerging scholars (assistant professors), as well as established members of the academe. Participants from a wide range of disciplines, such as social sciences (e.g., economics, criminology, political science, sociology, and demography), applied mathematics and statistics, archeology, ecology, epidemiology and public health, management, urban and regional planning,  as well as geography, who actively engage in spatial data analysis, will in particular benefit from this workshop. Participants are selected on an equal opportunity basis to ensure diversity. Preference will be given to applicants from academia. Non-academic professionals should contact the principal investigators prior to their applications. Financial support cannot be made available to non-academic professionals.

Desired participant's skills                                                

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of applied spatial data analysis and statistics including regression analysis with geo-referenced data. The ability to read statistical equations is desired. GIS knowledge is not explicitly required. Spatial tasks will be performed with Geoda (note that the current version does not work in Windows Vista) and mapping facilities of the R-project. However, some working knowledge with statistical software, in particular, the R platform is preferred. To familiarize yourself with R platform please go to the Workshop Support Page.

Application procedure                                                       

Please submit your online application form not later than May 5, 2008. The application form  provides information to ensure diversity of the group of participants, background experiences in modeling spatial data, and the motivation for participating in spatial filtering workshop. The selection committee, comprising of Dean Brian Berry, Daniel Griffith and Michael Tiefelsdorf, all UTDallas, aims at assembling a group of qualified workshop participants, who - in all likelihood - will benefit the most from their attendance.

After your committal acceptance                                         

After an invitation by the selection committee and your attendance's confirmation, you will be given access to a restricted participants-only website. This website provides access to geo-referenced databases that we will be using during the workshop, travel and accommodations information, and a discussion forum, which will help you to exchange questions/information among the group of selected participants and the workshop organizers.


Contact: workshop@spatialfiltering.com                            page last updated: July 03, 2008